About Me


Karel Tříska – traveller, pasionate photograhper, SAP specialist, basketball player, romantic and first of all bicycle tourist. Home: Mladá Boleslav. I grew up in the family with the younger brother. My mother is tour guide, which involved a lot my next development. After the university I started to work at Škoda Auto, where I work also today. I need permanently to travel and to explore new places because of my character and inborn genes after my mother. Therefore I decided to go for the 3,5 months trip and to fulfill my dream. At home awaits me my loved wife, small sun and a lot of good friends.

On the recumbent I was in several european countries, Morocco and several times in Turkey. I was a participant of several travelogues, participant of the bicycle marathon 24 Hours LeMans and the Nordkapp – Gibraltar Nonstop Ride and regular participant of recument meetings. Now there is a big challenge in front of me – the trip across the United States.

If you want to shorten waiting between my posts from my journey, you can check my photos on http://www.kareltriska.cz/en/ from previous trips.

Hi! My name is Karel Tříska and I am quite a normal guy who likes travelling. As a child I loved maps and atlases. In my opinion the best way how to explore the world is on the bicycle, because you meet a lot of interesting people, their habits and their culture as well. And travelling is the reason why photography is my next hobby. I love landscape, macro and architecture.

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