New York – posledni den

Konec flakani v New Yorku. Den D je tu. Zitra letim zpet domu. Jedno dobrodruzstvi konci druhe zacina. V nedeli priletim a v pondeli jdu zpet makat. Sen jsem si splnil a cestu jsem si poradne uzil. Mam v zasobe jeste spousty nadhernych fotek, ktere vam chci ukazat, ale ty vam ukazu az po mem navratu, az je zpracuju. Jsou to panoramata, nocni fotky oblohy, atd. Jsem zvedavej, co se za tu dobu u nas zmenilo. Snad vsichni nebudou chytat pokemony.
This is the end of slacking in New York City. Tomorrow I fly home. The one adventure ends and another starts. I come home on Sunday and on Monday I have to go back to work. I fulfilled my dream and I enjoyed the trip. I have still a lot of pictures which I want to show you but I have to process them at first in my computer. I have to process panoramas, night landscapes, etc. I am curious what was changed at home when I was on the trip. I hope that not everyone catches pokemons.

Unisphere v parku Flushing Medows Corona / Unisphere in the Flushing Medows Corona Park

Kostel Trinity / Trinity Church

Stare ulicky a nove mrakodrapy / Old streets and new skyscrapers

Stromy / Trees

Kostka / The Cube

Novy podchod pod World Trade Center / The new underpass under the World Trade Center

Metropolitni muzeum / The Metropolitan Museum

S Ondrou na hamburgeru / With Ondra on hamburger

Kolo uz je v krabici / My recumbent is already in the box.

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